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4th Graduation Best Student


As I have been introduced by the DVC (ASA), my name is Wangui Patrick Mwangi. My race began on Monday, 27th August, 2012 with registration at the University and ended on Thursday, 12th May, 2016 with my project presentation. Between the two dates is a four-year journey characterized by numerous ups and downs. I recall the long distance from Runda hostels to the University during the whole of my first year of study, and the poor communication network at the said residence that could sometimes force us to switch off our phones once we got into the rooms. I can't forget the challenges of fees and the upkeep needs before the Higher Education Loans Board came to my rescue. Other challenges faced within my four years stay at the University of Eldoret not only left me hopeless but also a “destitute” of some kind, and had it not been for my closest friends, my life would not have been what you see today.

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Mon, 12/12/2016 - 22:03

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