Call for students to participate in the Venture for Change (V4C) Programme-Second Edition-2022

Call for students to participate in the Venture for Change (V4C) Programme-Second Edition-2022

The Venture4Change (V4C) under the Making More Health (MMH) initiative is a program for students of different Universities in Kenya to conceive, develop and implement innovative ideas to foster hygiene, food safety and health in Kenyan slums and rural areas. By combining expertise in social entrepreneurship and health with young talent engagement, Making More Health (MMH) is well positioned to execute this impactful and unique program for Kenyan undergraduate students. This program emphasizes critical thinking and social entrepreneurship as well as the engagement of employees and partners. Ideally, the targeted university offers a strong entrepreneurship hub and/or student program with a proposal to enhance their students’ learning experience through a collaborative initiative and furthermore entrepreneurship education and/or strong health curriculums.

The UoE-OISC is partnering with the MMH in the 2022 V4C Programme. The 2022 edition involves a competition between UoE students and those from Moi and Kibabii Universities in coming up with innovative ideas to manage waste for sustainable development. This is the second edition of the programme. The first edition with the thematic area ‘Food Safety and Food Security’ was held in 2021 where three of our teams (1) Team WEZESHA 254, (2) Team THE EAGLES and (3) Team TRANSFORMERS participated. The three teams entered their ideas-Ingokho VetNuT, Zeatech Nutrisol Consultants and KENRHO Cooler, respectively- in the competition and Team TRANSFORMERS with their KENRHO Cooler emerged as the winner. Team TRANSFORMERS is now implementing its idea and is putting together a prototype under the programme’s funding with the aim of opening up a company.

We therefore encourage our students to participate in this year’s V4C programme. The programme is scheduled to run between May and November 2022 with a thematic area ‘Innovative Waste Management for Sustainable Development’. The deadline extended to 13th May 2022 and the application is open to those students in their third and fourth year. Kindly follow the link on the flier to apply.

Venture4Change 2022 Application (


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