International Students (ISA-UOE) visit to Holy Family Children’s Home-Kimumu, Eldoret

UoE has an International Students’ Community (ISA-UOE) that is comprised of students from various countries from Africa. ISA-UOE together with the Outreach and International Students Centre (OISC) visited the Holy Family Children’s Home in Kimumu to make donations and interact and encourage the children in the Home. ISA-UOE understands the adversities that orphans and vulnerable children go through as a testimony of their home countries’ situations. This activity was meant to serve as the ISA-UOE commitment towards contributing to the welfare of a Kenyan orphan in whichever way possible. The visitation took place on the 14th of July 2022. The Children’s Home is managed by St. Barnabas Catholic Church-Kimumu under Adoration Sisters and is located four kilometers from UoE along Eldoret-Iten road.

The group of the International Students together with some members of staff from OISC contributed several items to the Home including foodstuffs such as maize flour, milk, rice etc. and assorted toiletries. These contributions were donated by the students themselves with support from the OISC Department.

This event becomes the first ever to have been conducted by the International Students who saw it wise that they should give back to the community by reaching out to the orphans at Holy Family Children’s Home. The children who all looked very excited about the visit, welcomed the team with songs and dance which was a clear show that they were really touched by this visit. The children later thanked the team for remembering them and more especially to UoE community of International Students who are not only busy with their studies but also doing charity work away from their countries. Holy Family Children’s Home was established in the year 2015 and currently has 58 children between one month and 13 years old. The Children’s Home is headed by the Administrator, Sister Ose from Adoration Sisters.

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