The Microbiology Workshop Held at University of Eldoret on 7 – 9th September 2022

The Microbiology Workshop dubbed ‘Microbiology Festival’ was held at the School of Business Conference Hall in University of Eldoret from 7-9th September 2022. The workshop was funded by the American Society for Microbiology (ASM) through Dr. Becky Aloo who is a lecturer in the Department of Biological Sciences and the Young Ambassador for ASM in Kenya. The American Society for Microbiology is a global organization whose mission is to bring together Microbiology students, researchers, and professionals and to advance microbial science globally. The objective of the Microbiology Festival at University of Eldoret was to bring together the undergraduate and postgraduate Microbiology students of University of Eldoret for fun-packed and hands-on learning sessions and inspire them in their discipline.

The three-day workshop was the hallmark of inspirational talks, career talks, and fun-filled learning sessions for the Microbiology students. The talks and sessions were led by the members of staff of the Department of Biological Sciences, namely, Prof. Lizzy Mwamburi, Dr. Salinah Rono, Dr. Becky Aloo, Dr. Pixley Kipsumbai, Dr. Emily Chemoiwa, Dr. Samuel Kariuki, Ms. Florence Oseso, Mr. John Mackambo, Ms. Emily Chelimo, and Ms. Hellen Ruto.

On day one of the workshop, the participants were briefed about ASM by Dr. Becky Aloo after which they participated in Agar Art where they used their imaginations to craft images on bacteriological media. There were also sessions on ‘Career Pathways in Microbiology’ and from former Microbiology students of University of Eldoret who shared their success journeys after graduating from the University with BSc. Microbiology. The talks were presented virtually by former students like Carren Burkey who is a Graduate Teaching Assistant at Bowling State University in Ohio, USA, Faith Lutomia who is a Research Scientist at KEMRI Centre for Global Health Research, and Emmanuel Makatiani who is the Head of the Biotechnology Department at the Kenya Forestry Research Institute (KEFRI).

Day two of the workshop included talks on Building Resumes, Conducting Special Projects in Microbiology, Dance with the Microbes, Microbiologists for the Future and Microbiologists are the Future, Winning Postgraduate Scholarships as options for graduates, and the Role of Microbiology and Microbiologists in Africa. The talk on the Role of Microbiologists in Africa was given by Dr. Francis Muchaamba from University of Zurich, Switzerland while Winning Postgraduate scholarships was also presented virtually by Dr. Samuel Kariuki from University of Cape Town, South Africa.

The last day of the workshop involved a fun-filled Kahoot it! online learning on General Microbiology followed by a talk from the Chairperson of the Microbiology University of Eldoret Students Association (MUESA) who briefed the participants about the organization, membership, constitution, subscription, and activities. This was followed by the poster session dubbed ‘Meet the Microbes’ where some students presented their posters on various microbes and the ‘Agar Art plates’ for judging. The workshop ended with the cutting of a Microbe-themed Cake, announcement and awarding of winners of the Agar Art, Microbiology Essay Writing, Kahoot it!, and the Meet the Microbes Poster Contests. Below are a few photos from the workshop.

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