Need help with Learning Management System (eLearning)

Kindly follow the steps below to register an account on the Moodle Learning Management System (LMS) platform:

1. Enter the URL: onto a web browser (Chrome or Firefox)

2. Click log in, located at the top right corner of the screen.

3. Since you are creating a new Account click on "Create new account" at the bottom under the section 'Is this your first time here?'

4. Fill in all your details as required.

4.1 Choose a username which is easy to remember, e.g. jdoe or j_doe, if your names are John Doe

4.2 The password must comply with the Instructions Given, for example: p1nn@cLe (8 characters, includes a number, special character and an uppercase)

4.3 Remember Fields with a red exclamation mark are mandatory and must be filled.

4.4 In the Email field, input your University Email address.

4.5 Input your Student admission number found in your admission letter Under the Admissions/PF field

4.6 Under Country choose "Kenya" from the drop down list

4.7 Lastly click on the Security Question check box written "I am not a Robot" and do as instructed.

4.8 Once the Security Question box confirms with a green tick click on Create "My New Account".

5. If no errors are detected, the account will be successfully created and a confirmation email sent to your inbox.

6. Log into your inbox and click on the confirmation link to activate your account.

7. Once successfully confirmed you will be directed to your Moodle account. At this stage , your full names should appear at the top right of the page confirming you have logged into your account.

8. Click on the arrow head icon pointing down next to your name to display account options. Click on "Log out" to exit your account. You will be directed back to the login page of the LMS

9. Finally Log in again using the username and password you created during registration. Note that your Institutional email address you registered the account with can also be used in place of the username.

Dr. Nicholas Makau
Ag. Director, Open Distance and eLearning