University 10th Virtual Graduation Ceremony

The University of Eldoret hosted the 10th graduation ceremony themed ‘Unlocking Academic Resilience and Excellence though Innovation’ on 31st March 2022 at the University’s New Site grounds. The graduation ceremony was graced virtually by our Chancellor Amb. Prof. Judith Mbula Bahemuka from our Nairobi Liaison Office and in-person by Mr. Fredrick Ndambuki, Secretary Administration, representing the Principal Secretary, State Department for University Education and Research, Ministry of Education. A total of 2080 graduands were conferred with degrees and awarded diplomas by the Chancellor.

In her address, the university Chancellor Amb. Prof. Judith Mbula Bahemuka acknowledged the support the Ministry has been rendering to the University through the years. She thanked the University staff, students and the community at large for their commitment, efforts and devotion that culminated to this day. While addressing the graduands, she encouraged them to unlock opportunities by adapting to new dimensions in technology and digital age. Amb. Prof. Bahemuka called upon the graduands to diversify their skills and join Ajira Clubs and other viable online work to enrich their soft skills as they wait to be placed in various work environments. She called upon them to be the university ambassadors and work towards giving back to the university within their varied work areas. In highlighting the importance of the graduation theme, the Chancellor called upon the university to plan and invest in innovation models and digital technology through viable collaboration with county governments, national government and research institutions. She finalized by appreciating the efforts enhanced by the University in being a new frontier of research and innovation in the region and beyond, and called upon the Ministry of Education to further support the university in its various mandates within the area of research and innovation.

The Secretary Administration, Ministry of Education Mr. Fredrick Ndambuki on his part started his address by quoting Napoleon Hill ‘Great Achievement is usually born of great sacrifice, and is never the result of selfishness’. This he alluded by pointing at the great sacrifice the University has taken since it was chartered through the collaborative efforts with the Ministry of Education and other key sectors. He thanked the University Council and Management for their endearing efforts which has ended up positing the university as a centre of excellence in the region and beyond. He urged the university to be well prepared for the new education system (Curriculum Based Competency) that the Ministry is slowly rolling out which incorporates knowledge, skills and attitudinal learning for learners. Mr. Ndambuki noted that going by the theme of this graduation, the Ministry is ready to link the University with key Semi-Autonomous Agencies such as the National Research Fund (NRF), National Commission for Science, Technology and Innovation (NACOSTI) and Kenya National Innovation Agency (KeNIA) among others to partner in areas of research and innovation. While addressing the graduands, he pointed out that structural and economic transformation of the country depends on them, and those that will adapt to the changes will be incorporated. He called upon them to try and incorporate social-emotional, soft, technical and digital skills which are key for adapting in this modern world. He finalized by urging the graduands to be on the lookout for scholarships from the Ministry portal aimed at enhancing their academic excellence.

The University Chairman of Council Dr. Ismail Buro Hassan on his part acknowledged the resilience and excellence shown by university staff and student which resulted in this graduation. He pointed out that their role as council in provision of leadership, strategic direction and overall oversight has been crucial in the running of the university during this period of financial turbulence. Dr. Buro stated that the Council working together with the University Management Board has approved the merger and reorganization of the nine schools to seven, approved five (5) policies that support the core business of the university and the approval of the 2021/2022 and 2022/2023 staff establishment for implementation subject to availability of funds and government approval. He finalized by alluding that the University is in the right trajectory and urged the graduands to endeavour being our ambassadors while in their respective areas of expertise in the work environment.

Finally, the University Vice-Chancellor Prof. Teresa Akenga in her address acknowledged the strides the university has achieved having graduated a total of 28,673 students through the years. She identified that this was a great fete for our university. In her address to the graduands, Prof. Akenga pointed out that we are living in the fourth industrial revolution, the age of information where technology drives all aspects of our lives. She implored to the graduands that in pursuit of their profession, they need to adapt to digital technology, as innovative and artificial intelligence are slowly taking shape in our respective work environments. She finalized by calling upon the graduands to be creators of employment through being innovative and digi-tech driven within their areas of expertise.

In attendance were; Margaret Jepkemo Birgen, Branch Manager National Bank Eldoret; Mohamed Abass, Deputy County Commissioner Moiben; Stephen Okal, SCPC Moiben and Lasiti Ole Kibelekenya, Sub-County Commander APS. The ceremony was streamed live on our YouTube channel and Facebook page (@Universityofeldoret) with over 2500 people following live.

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