Vice-Chancellor’s Orientation Address to The First Year Students’ 2022-2023 Cohort

The University received first Year students 2022/2023 cohort who reported to the University on 29th – 30th August 2022 and were duly registered at the various Schools. Orientation sessions took place between 31st August 2022 to 3rd September 2022. So far the University has registered over 2,164 out of the expected 3,100 first year students, which is equivalent to 69.8% of total admitted students with further registration still going on. From the total registered students, 1,165 are male, which is equivalent to 53.8% whereas 999 are female, which is equivalent to 46.1%. The climax of the orientation process culminated with the Vice-Chancellor’s address on 1st September 2022.

In her keynote address, the Vice-Chancellor Prof Teresa Akenga focused on the theme “Education as a Flame depicted by the colors of University’s Logo’ alluding to the philosophical thoughts and insight of Socrates a Greek moral thinker who once stated that ‘Education is the Kindling of a Flame, not the filling of a vessel’. She started by congratulating the first year students for passing their examinations thereby being able to join a Premier University that nurtures global leaders and innovators. She went ahead and thanked them for selecting University of Eldoret as their ultimate home for the next four to five years.

In manifesting Socrates thoughts through the University’s Logo and colours, the Vice-Chancellor highlighted that the color Gold signifies prosperity, wisdom and wealth and that the students’ role and responsibility is to ensure that the flame in them is nurtured for prosperity. She stated that the University’s duty is to impart the needed knowledge and wisdom which will act as a catalyst towards ensuring that they attain excellence in ones’ area of academic specialization, research, innovation and co-curriculum activities that would enrich their talents.

The Vice-Chancellor reiterated that University education is a critical component in the elements of human development as manifested by the logo’s colour, Navy Blue. She advised that the students have all the freedom to indulge and know their youthfulness, freedom of spirituality, quest for truth and justice and to demand for peaceful coexistence. Noting that with freedom comes responsibility. She further advised the students to be proactive in matters of mental health and to seek role-models and mentors among the vast team of staff who can nurture them into a holistic person.

In addressing the colour Magenta Brown in our Logo which represents Order, Convention and the Earth, Prof. Akenga quoted John Wooden ‘Don’t let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do’ and advised the students to be orderly and focused in achieving their goals of academic excellence.

Lastly, Prof. Akenga advised the students to be guided by the manifestation of the colour Black in the logo which should remind them of their origin, where they come from, the source of their life and the struggle they have gone through in order to enhance the hunger of excellence in them. She concluded by encouraging the students not to forget who they are and not to allow pride of being in the University to consume them. She wished the student well and encouraged them to work towards meeting their academic excellence.

Also in attendance during the first year students’ orientation were Members of University Management Board, Deans, Directors, Senate Members, University staff and students.

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